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Yoga Sites

Also see our listings for Yoga Centers.

Yoga Vistas is in transition. We are not accepting new Yoga Site listings at this time.

Category Descriptions

Gentle, inward yoga that uses silent affirmations while in the asanas (postures).
Anusara John Friend developed this "heart-oriented" yoga that respects different abilities and limitations.
Ashtanga (Power Yoga)
Physically challenging yoga to build strength, flexibility, and stamina. Also called power yoga.
Yoga to make you sweat. A series of 26 asanas (postures) performed in a heated room.
Sites that give special attention to the control of breathing.
Well-rounded sites that consider many aspects of yoga: postures, breathing, relaxation, and meditation.
Many yoga styles spring from Hatha. It is the yoga of physical well-being, designed to balance body, mind, and spirit.
Holistic Therapies
Yoga as therapy and self-healing.
Used by Dr. Dean Ornish's heart patients, it emphasizes relaxation,alignment, and finding your comfort center while practicing yoga.
Focuses on the body and how it works. It is noted for attention to detail, precise alignment of postures, and the use of props.
Emphasizes proper breath, alignment, coordinating breath and movement, and listening to the body.
Chanting and breathing are emphasized over postures in this ancient practice designed to awaken and control the release of kundalini, the coiled energy stored at the base of the spine.
Sites that offer tips for getting more out your meditation practice.
Relaxed and gentle yoga that encourages a healthy lifestyle: proper exercise, proper breathing, proper relaxation, proper diet, and positive thinking with meditation.
Svaroopa Yoga
Consciousness-oriented yoga that teaches different ways to do familiar poses and emphasizes the development of transcendent inner experience.
Uses visualization, chanting, asana, and strong breathing practices to tap highly charged energy in the body called kundalini.
A kundalini-inspired sequenced flow of yogasana (postures) synchronized with pranayama (rhythmic breath) and mudra (focus). Founded by internationally renowned yogini Kaliji (Kali Ray), it is taught in more than 40 countries.
Vacations, Retreats & Workshops
Long and short getaways where you can learn more about yoga and further your inner journey.
Yoga Book, Video & Audio Publishers
Publishers that specialize in yoga books, videos, and audiotapes.
Gentle form of flow yoga in which postures are modified to suit the student's needs and the breath is kept strong and flowing.
Yoga Products
From mats to clothing, products to enhance your yoga experience.
Yoga for Special Groups
Sites that offer information about yoga for children, the elderly, and peoplewith disabilities and HIV/AIDS.

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